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I hope you enjoy my selection of Atari 2600 games, ready for you to play online.

Halo 2600

Halo 2600 is the Atari 2600 rendition of the classic game. Authored by Ed Fries, it features 64 screens divided into four zones: Outdoor, Covenant Base, Ice World, and Final Boss. Use the keyboard or a joystick to guide Master Chief past all the enemies and hazards.

If you successfully complete the game, it returns you to the start screen and you restart the game in Legendary mode - where everything is a little more difficult.

Adventure Invaders

In Adventure Invaders, the player moves a laser cannon horizontally across the bottom of the screen and fires at the invaders overhead. The goal is to score as many points as possible by shooting the advancing invaders.

The invaders move back and forth in unision and the downwardd each time they reach a screen edge. The pace of the game picks up as the aliens are defeated.

This game features Space Invaders action but a different cast: the invaders are characters from the Adventure game and the Defender is the Hero from that same game.


In Asteroids, the player pilots a armed spaceship in an asteriod field. The spaceship's gun shoots directly forwawrd so that one must turn the ship to aim the gun. Joystick forward creates thrust, accelrating the ship. Left or Right rotates the ship so that thrust can be applied in a new direction. The arrow keys work as a substitue for the joystick.

The object is to destroy asteriods and saucers and achieve as high a score as possible. The player gets 4 lives and gets an extra life for each 10,000 points.


This is a two player game which works best if your system has a joystick - Player One can use the joystick and Player Two can use the keyboard. Click on the Javatari Settings to see how the keyboard is laid out for Player Two.

It is possible to play without a joystick but things will be a little cosy as both players will have their hands on (different parts of) the keyboard. (and, again, click on Settings to see the keyboard layout.)


In this horizontal scrolling game, the defender must defeat waves of invading aliens using an armed spaceship that flies left and right. The player begins the game with three ships and three smart bombs. A new ship and smart bomb are awarded every 10,000 points. The ship must also protect astronauts and failing to do so results in the loss of a ship.

The smart bomb will kill all the aliens on the screen. To use it, move the spaceship to the extreme bottom of the screen and press your fire button.

The spaceship can go to hyperspace, but that is very risky as the ship can reappear anywhere on the screen. To enter hyperspace, move the ship to the extreme top of the screen and press your fire button.

ET Tennis

Tennis, but with ET

In ET Tennis, you guide your player around the tennis court and try to outwit your opponent with the first player to win 6 games winning the match. Once the ball is in play the player will automatically hit the ball if it comes within reach with the hitting angle determined by the players position relative to the ball. You do need to press the fire button in order to serve the ball.

The game features a one and two player version as well as two difficulty levels.

Spitfire Attack

In Spitfire Attack, you are a Spitfire pilot on a very dangerous mission: the enemy has ordered all their planes in the air for an all-out attack. Your mission is to fly into enemy territory and destroy the enemy forces in the air and on the ground. Your goal is to wreak as much havoc and score as many points as possible before all six of your planes are destoryed.

If an enemy gets close enough so that its propeller becomes visible, you need to take quick action before they shoot you down. If you see flak exploding in the air, you must destroy the AA gun quickly or your plane will be destroyed. Beware of the enemy planes with red wings as these are piloted by ace pilots that are harder to hit. Your aircraft is equipped with a Low Altitude Warning System and the screen will flash red if you are flying too low.

The game features six skill levels and two speeds. Select the difficulty level by clicking the Game Select button (or depress F11) one or more times. You'll see the skill level displayed in the score box at the start of the game. Select the speed using the left Difficulty Switch (or F4).