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If you pursue an interest in 8-bit systems, being proficient in 6502 Assembly Language should prove to be very useful, but even apart from that, there are some good reasons to learn assembly language. Understanding computers at this level will help you understand computer architecture - that's why "Computer Architecture and Assembly Language" is a mainstay in Computer Science curricula. This understanding can also provide insight into Cyber Security. In short, knowing assembly language makes you a better programmer.

I would also argue that, if you have yet to learn an assembly language, starting with a simple one such as the 6502 makes a lot of sense.

Course Introduction

Lesson 0-2! »

Click the "Lesson 0-2!" button for the course introduction which consists of the following videos:

  • Introduction to 6502 Assembler Language
  • How Computers Work (optional)
  • Assembly Language - What? Why? (optional)

3 Your First Programn

Lesson 3! »

In lesson 3, we introduce a number of topics:

  • 6502 Architecture
  • The DASM Assembler
  • The 8bitsand1byte IDE